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Architectural and historic wonders that have stood the test of time.

5. Grundtvig's Church - Copenhagen, Denmark


Grundtvig's Church | Luxury Travel Guide | Wandering Diva

This monumental church is located in the Bispebjerg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Designed by Jensen-Klint, it is an example of expressionist cathedral architecture.


St. Giles' Cathedral  | Luxury Travel Guide | Wandering Diva

With its famed crown spire, this cathedral stands on the Royal Mile between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  

St. Patrick’s Cathedral | Luxury Travel Guide | Wandering Diva

Situated on the fringe of the city grid, this cathedral is built from bluestone and sandstone, and has the distinction of being both the tallest and largest church building in Australia.

Notre-Dame Basilica | Luxury Travel Guide | Wandering Diva

Built between 1824 and 1829, this architectural wonder exhibits paintings, sculptures, and stained-glass windows which vividly illustrate biblical passages and parish history.  It is located in the historic district of Old Montréal.

1. St. Barbara Church - Kutná Hora, Czech Republic


Church of St. Barbara | Luxury Travel Guide | Wandering Diva

Developed as a result of the exploitation of the silver mines in the 14th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site became a royal city endowed with monuments that symbolized its prosperity.  This Roman Catholic church is located in Kutná Hora, about an hour away from Prague, by car.  

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