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  1. Bring Ziploc bags - TSA allows you to have one quart-sized clear plastic bag.

  2. Pack your own snacks - airport selections are limited and over-priced.

  3. Bring an empty water bottle - fill it up once you get past security checkpoints.

  4. Sign up for a VIP airport lounge - enjoy a bar and sometimes free food.

  5. Wear your extra clothing until you get past security - then stuff it in your carry-on. 

  6. Collect unused hotel toiletries - they are the perfectly sized carry-on items, per TSA.

  7. Sign up for TSA Global Entry to bypass long lines.

  8. Store your laptop in an accessible place for quick scanning at security.

  9. Wear flip-flops or slip-on footwear to get through security.

  10. Bring a light scarf or blanket – airports are cold and flights get delayed.

  11. Bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

  12. There are power outlets at the airport - charge all your devices before you board.

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