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Don't leave your furry friends home this holiday travel season.  Bring them with you!  Here are 8 luxury hotel chains in the U.S. that will welcome you and your pooch. Call ahead and let them know that you will be bringing your beloved canine companion.  Many of them offer special treats to pamper and please your four-legged friend.  


Some brands have a standard policy for all locations, while others have property-specific guidelines.  


1. Ace Hotel (Policies Vary)


2. Fairmont Hotels (Policies Vary)


3. Four Seasons (Policies Vary)


4. Kimpton Hotels (Std Policy)


5. Loews Hotels & Resorts (Std Policy)


6. Park Hyatt (Policies Vary)


7. St Regis (Policies Vary)


8. W Hotels (Policies Vary)

Dog Friendly Luxury Hotels | Wandering Diva | A Luxury Travel Guide
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