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  1. Renew my passport if I have less than 6 months left on it.

  2. Get an international driving permit if I will be renting a car or doing any kind of driving.

  3. Call my bank and credit card companies to let them know to expect international charges.  I also ask about fees and get pin numbers for my cards.

  4. Renew and pack prescriptions. 

  5. Call my mobile service provider to enable international calling and to “unlock” my phone. Sign up for an international calling, text, and/or data plan, and confirm voice and data roaming fees.

  6. Download apps I might want to use on the road, such as translators, maps, and transit schedules.

  7. Email a copy of my itinerary to family & friends.

  8. Visit the TSA’s website for the latest on restricted items.

  9. Make copies of travel documents as a backup in case I lose the originals.

  10. Make arrangements for pets.  

  11. Book my ride to the airport.

  12. Check-in for my flight online & print out my boarding pass.

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