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1. Use our custom Google maps to design a smart itinerary

Our maps present a visual reference to recommended hotels, restaurants, attractions and more.  Plan your days based on proximity to your favorite highlights and maximize your trip.  Also our Google maps provide links, directions and public transportation options. 



2. Book and buy ahead to avoid lines

Make reservations and buy tickets to attractions and events online or on your phone.  Also ask the concierge of the hotel to make reservations for you at popular venues. 



3. Get a credit card with a chip and a pin number

For added security, you will be asked to input a pin number for your credit card purchases.  Get one from your bank.  Many countries have moved away from the signature version.



4. Eat with locals

Cab drivers know where the best eateries are.  Ask for local recommendations. 



5. Skip anything familiar

Global brands provide consistency, while local companies use ingredients that are in season and uniquely flavored.  Make it a point to try stuff you will never get back home. 

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