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  1. I have never gotten traveler’s checks.  ATMs are the way to go.

  2. I also avoid cash exchanges. The rates and fees are usually not competitive.  Plus I tend to feel really exposed.

  3. I don’t buy foreign currency in advance. Most airports have ATMs.

  4. I use local cash even if USD is accepted.  Stores usually have a poor exchange rate, never in my favor.

  5. I look up exchange rates when I land, and then do the currency conversions in my head or use the XE App.

  6. Coins are worthless and heavy.  Drop them off in a tip or donation jar, at the airport.

  7. I typically have some USD for emergencies, such as a bank strike or ATM issues.

  8. I convert foreign cash back to USD at the end of my trip, or save them as souvenirs.

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